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Output Ideas Needed


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So thanks to @MrBill I have integrated a lot of input devices IE,  2843-222 Open/Close sensor amongst  others to monitor things.  Mailbox, gate sensors, wine chilling timer, dog in/out timer,  etc.  That in turn peaked my interest in HomeAssistant.  I started messing with HA which has a plug in for ESPHome.  With ESPHome I can add WiFi sensors, for just about anything else using  ESP8266 wireless modules (Amazon $15 for 5), a sensor of my choice and some software.  I can monitor the temps of the freezers in the garage again after my Insteon Freezer Sensor died.   I have sensors everywhere.  I need the sensors to give me their information.  So I have sirens literately doing Morris Code and wall switches through out the house beeping to let me know what sensor is sensing what.  I am running out of wall switches to make beep.  I do use Pushover, but need to be near my phone.

What if I could get something to talk?  I am thinking of some sort of Pushover to voice thing.  What if I could get Alexa to announce a sensor condition?  "your wine is chilled", "let your dog in", "you have mail", "freezer is malfunctioning".  I know, 1st world problem!

Anybody been down this road?

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@CPrince If you have nabu casa for HA it's fairly easy to use TTS (text to speech) and outputting thru Alexa.   I haven't moved Alexa over at my house yet (she's still on the UD portal), but I did get my son started with HA speaking thru Alexa at his house.  Google Home Assistant Make Alexa Speak or Home Assistant TTS Alexa.  (I tried setting it up once, but ran into conflicts and needs to delete my portal integration and do some renaming on the HA side to make it work like my wife's used to... so that got backburned until the snow flies).

As far as passing announcements from ISY to HA it's fairly simple to use Integer Variables.  Just add the .HA or HA. flag to the name so that HA is monitoring it.  then have ISY set the variable with either 1 or a value (like 44 if it's degrees) then have your HA automation set the variable back to zero using Call Service > ISY994 Set variable after the announcement.

(for those reading along, all the service calls on the HA side have ISY994 in the name-- it doesn't matter if you're using ISY994 or Polisy (or eisy when it arrives) you still use the service calls with 994 in the name... at the moment there's no way for them to update to just ISY in the naming without breaking everyone's automatons, scripts, and dashboards)

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