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GH display does not display device status. This problem is only recent:

This problem only relates to my MQTT Tasmota switch devices: Everything seems to work perfectly. I have full control over the MQTT switches using Google Voice commands and manual touch control on GH display panel.  UD Mobil control panel and isy control panel work without problems.

Switch ON/OFF statuses updates and displays correctly on all control panels except for the MQTT switch statuses on the GH control panel. Sometimes the status of the MQTT switches would update the status to ON but then after a second or so would reverts back to the OFF status on its own. At times it would show the correct ON status but most of the time the MQTT switches would only display OFF even though the switches are in fact ON... This situation is only on the GH control display...

I checked internet forums and no entries found for this situation. Also did the normal configuration checking and the reboots... The thing that baffles me is that it is intermittent and sometimes works correctly: I wonder whether this is a GH server problem and must await a future update...

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