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PG3 Airthings Consumer node server 1.2.1

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 Thank you for the update.  Of course I can’t figure out how to turn off polling, could you point me in the right direction?
Sorry, I forgot to add it to the doc. Each sensor should have a poll device option when you select it in the AC. Make sure you have closed and opened the AC since updating the plugin.

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PG3 Airthings Consumer node server 1.2.1 released, see OP.

Thanks to @bmercier for enhancements to Polyglot which allows us to set the Polling values from the plugin!

- 1.2.1: 07/20/2024
  - Try to set proper initial values on existing installs for Auto Short Poll = True

- 1.2.0: 07/20/2024
  - Add driver for short poll interval

  New Feature: The Controller has "Auto Set Short Poll" which will automatically set the short poll to the minimum value.  If disabled, you can manually set it with the driver "Short Poll" on the controller.

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