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Zooz battery devices don't regularly report battery level

Steve L

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I have an ISY994 with the 500 Z-Wave board. I now have three Zooz ZSE42 leak sensors and two ZEN34 remote switches - all of these powered by one or two coin cells and are Z-Wave 700.

Zooz support tells me that these devices report their battery level every 12 hours (by default), as a form of "heartbeat", and I can see this in the event log when I include the device. However, my ISY doesn't see any activity from the devices at all unless they are triggered (leak detected, switch pushed), in which case they work fine. If I manually wake them up, the ISY sees the wakeup, followed by "nothing to do, going to sleep". 

Zooz says they don't have an ISY in-house to test the behavior, as they don't claim support for ISY as a hub, I've attached the event log from when I re-added one of the sensors - I see it reported battery level towards the end. I will note that one of the ZEN34s started reporting randomly varying battery levels, which the ISY did see. I upgraded its firmware to the latest, replaced the batteries, and that behavior stopped. But at least that tells me that the ISY does know how to interpret a battery level report!

Do others have experience with these Zooz devices and can comment? It's a minor thing, really - I assume that they will report changes of 10% the way some of my other Z-Wave devices will. (There's also a "low battery" report at 20%.) Maybe if I upgraded to a 700 (or the new 800?) series hub, this would resolve itself.

ISY-Events-Log.v5.3.4__Fri 2022.12.09 08.01.28 PM.txt

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I also have this issue with Zooz ZSE42.  They also seem to go through batteries quickly.  I much preferred the Insteon leak sensors but alas I didn't setup insteon in my new condo.  I'll check out YoLink.  I also have an aerotec which seems much better but it's also more than double the price. It has heat and humidity as well as a leak sensor.

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