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Trying to install Flume Node Server

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Hey, just got my eISY and experimenting while waiting for the zmatter bridge.

I'm trying to install the Node Server for flume, but I get an error, Node Server install of Undefined failed with message status is not defined

from the log:

12/29/2022, 09:58:33 [pg3] info: [00:21:b9:02:61:12_3] Set nsdata
12/29/2022, 09:58:33 [pg3] info: [00:21:b9:02:61:12_3] Set oauth
12/29/2022, 09:58:34 [pg3] info: checkLicense:: Updaing FlumeWater subscription expiration to 2023-01-29T16:16:17.000Z
12/29/2022, 09:58:34 [pg3] error: createNS: ReferenceError: status is not defined
    at checkLicense (/var/polyglot/node_modules/@universaldevices/pg3x/lib/services/node servers.js:710:95)
    at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5)
    at async Object.createNs (/var/polyglot/node_modules/@universaldevices/pg3x/lib/services/node servers.js:433:5)

also from the log several times:

12/29/2022, 09:59:15 [pg3] warn: [00:21:b9:02:61:12_3] ISY does not have this Node Server. Removing from PG3.

any thoughts on where I could look to figure out further what's going on?

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