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Article in today's WSJ on Smart Home & Matter


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Smart Home Gets Easier-ish



The tech giants are generally fierce competitors but they all agree: Setting up a smart home is painful.

Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon and nearly 300 others collaborated on a protocol called Matter. Think of this like Bluetooth, with which all manner of devices are able to recognize and talk to each other. You could use Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s HomeKit or Google’s Assistant to control any Matter-ready smart lights, plugs, thermostats and more in your home. Installation should be as simple as scanning a code.

What’s available now, following Matter’s November launch, is a hodge-podge. Google’s Nest and Amazon’s Echo received updates. New gadgets, such as a hub to convert Ikea’s existing smart lights and speakers to Matter, also hit shelves. Still, many apps and devices won’t be ready until 2023. Popular lighting-maker Philips Hue hasn’t updated its bridge yet. 

It’ll take a little while—perhaps longer than a year—to sort out Matter’s kinks. For example, setting up a Matter-enabled device to work with two different platforms involves long codes and other fidgeting. And there aren’t yet Matter security cams or other more complex smart-home products. 

Still, if you are shopping for smart appliances in 2023, you’ll want to make sure they’re Matter-ready.

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@larryllix @asbril  Great Comments!  <roflmfao>  A lot of times you'll see these new technologies emerge, get published, then marketing & finance is pushing engineering to get something out the door, too many times I've gotten stuff that would appear to still be in Alpha test and way too early for formal release.  Plus I too work with manufacturer's in Alpha sometimes and Beta for sure.  While I don't know UDI's business model but I doubt such a bureaucracy exists at UDI, sure they want to be first but they are their own pressure.   And at least here UDI told us it was a Beta release so hopefully those didn't spin it up in a production environment without being ready for any consequences.  That's why my 994i is still running my house and when I get my USB-Matter I'm gonna go one device at a time to my eisy.  Run them both side by side so I only risk loosing one node at a time.  And while I've read that each Z-Wave dongle has it's own HomeID and you can run them "side-by-side" I really don't know if that's going to work.  If anyone has comments on that please reply.  But it does make sense, two homes next door in an apartment complex both running Z-Wave was a good example.  I looked at, but haven't even started to read the  Silicon Labs docs, and I'm no ISY Guru as you see on the board here, I still got a lot to learn to get proficient at ISY.    -Grant

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I do think Matter is a good thing but most of the excitement is based on lack of knowledge about what it is.

I already have Ethernet, WiFi, Zwave, Insteon, X10 and a few hidden amazon protocols on 400 MHz and 900 MHz that most don't know they are broadcasting so I am really hoping my lightswitches can start my car and pick me up on the 26th floor in the future. :)

Time will tell.

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I've been reading about the Samsung Station in CES coverage.  Here's how it's described:

The $60 fast charger is also a Matter controller, Thread border router, and SmartThings hub.

So it's based on a charger design: you put your phone on top, and it charges wirelessly.  Apparently, that's one of the events it can fire as a controller.  It also functions as a button with single tap, double tap, and press 'n hold events.

I'd love to have one or more, IF I could get my Polisy to see and respond to these events.  If it only works in the Smartthings ecosystem that's a non-starter.  But how can I find out if this will ever be possible?  Is this a Thread/Matter device that I can enroll into my Policy?  Doubt it, since it's also a border router and hub.  Are there hub-to-hub or router-to-router communications built into Matter that I can tap into?  I don't understand what's possible, or could be in the future.


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2 hours ago, upstatemike said:

Here is a good video showing how easy it is to set up Matter to work across multiple ecosystems:


Im going to reserve judgement since he's using beta software along with most systems not fully adding support. While it looks really bad, he's also using a handicapped system

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