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Home Assistant Variables to Sensor fail

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I just found out that ISY variables can no longer be imported into HASS as sensors, even though the documentation for the ISY integration still indicates that the sensor option is available by using the sensor string.  I cannot imagine why this was changed and it has caused a lot of issues for me.  I upgraded to 2023.07.1 from 2023.04 and now I have pages of numbers instead of sensors.  I have a lot of variables and dozens of cards that use these sensors.  Numbers do not work in graphs or charts or on some custom card charts like apex charts card, which I use a lot of.  Is there some advantage to forcing all variables to numbers?  Why remove the option/choice?   Is there any way to get them back to sensors? 


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There was a period that both methods worked... without looking Feb was the release of variables as numbers, variables as sensors were deprecated at that time, but continues to work thru (without looking up the date) the HA May release.  Both were covered in the release notes (and here).  During the interval that both worked you should have seen a message in the updates section that "The isy994.set_variable service will be removed" and to "Update any automations or scripts that use this service to instead use the number.set_value service with a target entity ID of this device."

This was an announced and planned change to better align with the methods of Home Assistant... tread numbers as numbers, rather than text value sensors.

This was not a surprise for those that read the HA release notes or this forum.

See Bullet point 5 in this post:


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