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ISY-994i w/Z-Wave 'dongle' for sale


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10 hours ago, tporada said:

Buy it for the dongle if you need one

"dongle"? The isy994 didn't add Z-Wave with a dongle best I recall. Is it actually an internal Z-Wave board (oh, and I edited the title to be Z-Wave - I wasn't sure what "D-Wave" is).

What series is the Z-Wave device? Since you were on v5.4.3 I will assume it is a 500 series board. But could be 300 series just not in use. 

I think somebody had just posted they were wanting a 500 Series board...yeah... @ScottAvery ... did you find a Z-Wave board yet? Might PM this user to make an offer for this ISY994 w/ Z-Wave if they confirm the series.

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