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Autelis Pool Control Node Server for PG3


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7 hours ago, Goose66 said:

I would need Internet access to someone’s Autelis device, and some beer money.

(Ok, I’m not fooling anybody - it’s money to buy more HA devices 😁).

Completely new to this pool thing.  Do I understand that Autelis is a bridge that connects various pool equipment to a common user interface?

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The pool controllers have proprietary network busses (usually RS-485 based) that they use to connect remote controllers like a wall mounted controller. The Autelis device is a third party product that connects to that bus and then provides a Ethernet network-based access to the pool controller, either web (REST) or lower level TCP/IP protocols.

The Autelis device is discontinued, and most pool controllers today either come with an Ethernet or wifi connection option or offer one for an additional cost. Unfortunately tapping into the protocol for these first-party network interfaces is difficult, because the API is unpublished and they want you to use their proprietary apps and websites. The Autelis device was made for DIY home automation users (as well as being significantly less expensive). It’s a shame they went out of business.

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