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Martin Jerry (Tasmota) Switches and Modules


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Anybody using Martin Jerry switches/dimmer/modules? I bought a non-dimmer switch with Tasmota pre-flashed (MJ-S01) and developed node server for it, and I am thinking about expanding the node server to support additional  MJ devices (3-way, dimmer, fan controller, plug-in modules, etc.) and want to know of other's experiences.

I got the non-dimmer switch on Amazon for $14. A dimmer switch is $20, and rotary dimmer is $26. The Martin Jerry store on Amazon can be found here. It's shallower in the junction box than an Insteon SwitchLinc or DimmerLinc. The entire thing is plastic (no metal frame) and it's a bit cheaper feeling than Insteon switches, with an audible clunk when turning on and off. It is also a bottom-touch paddle switch to toggle the light instead of a up-on and bottom-off rocker switch, so it doesn't look and feel like Leviton Decora switches that are found in a lot of homes (including mine). All that said, they are substantially cheaper than Insteon switches and may be suitable for rooms and floors where decor (and the associated WAF) are not as much at issue.

What do others think?

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I will add that the node server for these switches and modules works really well. It's all local (no Internet or cloud service) and communicates via the MQTT broker built into the Polisy/eISY, so it's fast. Status changes are updated instantly in IoX, so the nodes can be dropped into scenes and they will work with real-time feedback. And the telemetry and "last will and testament" MQTT messages sent by the Tasmota operating system keep all the states (including "Online" state) updated automatically, so the node server doesn't have to do any polling of its own. Once the Tasmota devices are configured to use the Polisy MQTT broker, they are all automatically discovered by the node server (via the Discovery button) and added to IoX.

I suppose other Tasmota switches and modules similar to the Martin Jerry devices could also be added to this node server, but I would need some hardware to test with. I have a dimmer, a fan control switch, and humidity sensor switch on order. When I get these integrated, I will publish the node server.

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