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Opening Admin Console on a 99i


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I have an old 99i that I am using as the IR receiver for my polisy since polisy has no IR receiver on it.  Last login was about a year ago and was done by going to the following url:


This downloaded admin.jnlp   I could run admin.jnlp and it opened the java console.  Now, I get the following security error:


I can not figure how to get around this.  I tried shutting down checking certificates in the advanced tab of java but it did not work.

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@MrBill It is set to just high, not very high.  I tried putting the url of my isy in the exception list but that did not work.  I also tried changing around some of the settings under the advanced tab but again no luck.  

I don't know exactly how this works.  But clearly the admin.jnlp file is downloaded from the isy itself when you go to http://my.isy.ip/99i/3.3.10/admin.jnlp  But then when you run that admin.jnlp file, not sure if it is loading java console from the isy or from some website.

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2 hours ago, Brian H said:

I have seen a similar security message when trying to access an old ISY99i.

My Java Security display use to have a third security choice that relaxed the security setting to below the High choice. Now gone.

Any ideas?  Perhaps I could install an old version of java?  Do you know how old you have to go to still have that option?  I can tell you that I opened my 99i admin console about 18 months ago and didn't have to do anything at all.  Presumably the certificate was still valid?

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3 hours ago, Javi said:

Try Java Control Panel > Advanced, set Perform signed code certificate revocation checks on  to Do not check.

I had already tried that.  But just in case, I tried again, and still no go.  I also tried setting the other two items that are (not recommended), in other words, all three no recommended items were checked and it still doesn't work.


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