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Levolor Integration

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I've got motorized blinds from Levolor.  They were great with the remote and the hub that integrates with the likes of google and alexa.  I'd like to control them with ISY of course and I would like to do it without the cloud.  It looks like I could relay through IFTT, but it would sure be nice if there were a nodeserver that worked locally.  Anyone have any experience with this?  There is a locked thread in here talking about a device called a wevolor, but that is for an older levelor product and also I believe it also uses IFTT.

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I got ISY controlling my blinds using IFTTT.  Not ideal, but it works.

You need to use a IFTTT linked app called "connector".  You log into connector using your Levolor email/password. 

Go to IFTTT and click "create", then "IF this", then search all services for "webhooks", then click "receive a web request", then enter a descriptive name for your trigger, then click "create trigger", then click "then that", then enter "connector" in the all services search box.  I think if this is your first time you need to log into connector using your levolor user/password.  Now it should list actions for your blinds, click on what you want, then click on the blind or scene you want, then click create action.  Now go to https://ifttt.com/maker and login.  Click "documentation".  You will see the url that you need to enter to trigger the IFTTT that you created.  Follow directions in the ISY wiki for how to enter that url into your network resources starting at the "Creating Outbound Triggers" section.  https://wiki.universal-devices.com/index.php?title=ISY_Portal_IFTTT_Integration

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I have also discovered that Amazon Alexa has a webhook skill.  This works better than IFTTT (it is faster).  It is also free.  I find Alexa to be very confusing to navigate and setup, it seems like they try to make it user friendly by only showing you what it thinks you want to see and hides all the other stuff.   But once setup, you just need to put the URL into ISY and not worry about it.  Caveat here is it appears you can only set it up in the primary account profile.  My wife is the primary account.  I initially created and setup the webhook skill in my profile.  The skill showed up in both my profile and my wifes, but it only worked when I set up the routines in my wife's profile.

Basic idea here is you add the skill to your alexa account.  Then you create however many webhooks you want on the webpage of the webhook skill.  You then go back to Alexa and ask it to discover all devices again at which time it should find all the additional webhooks.  The webhooks at this point aren't actually anything but a potential trigger.  When you hit the webhook url, Alexa will get a message that you did that.  Then you create routines inside Alexa where the trigger "device" is the webhook and the action can be anything you want inside of Alexa including Levolor blinds (assuming you added Levolor blinds skill to your Amazon account).  


Though it sure would be nice if there were a Node Server!!!  I sent Levolor and email asking for API info, but doubt it will get anywhere.

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