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Update process for eisy and Polisy devices

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The current recommended process for updating the eisy and Polisy products are as follows:

  1. Using IoX Launcher access Admin Console
  2. Run IoX Backup (NOTE: if running Z-Wave run Z-wave backup first then IoX backup)
    • Menu -> Z-Wave -> Backup -> Click "Yes" to update/replace Z-Wave backup
      • No progress is shown, but backup is made
    • Menu -> File -> Backup IoX -> Save file (will be a .zip file leave it intact)
      • Process bar will advance. Please do not make any changes to system during this time.
  3. Click on Configuration tab
  4. Click on Upgrade Packages button
    • Click "YES" to confirm
    • Update1.png
  5. Leave "Warning" box on screen. (Okay if you don't, but it is found to be a good reminder not to change/close the system)
    • If UD Mobile is setup for system notifications you should receive a few notifications that device is offline (as well as node servers are disconnected) and alerts when it comes back online.
    • Update2.png
    • Update3.png
  6. Notice of update complete and if system should be rebooted
    • Update5.png
    • Update4.png
  7. Click Reboot button (system should still be on Configuration tab in Admin Console)
  8. Admin Console window will close
  9. Allow system to process the reboot (An undetermined amount of time should pass. Polisy will beep several times once rebooted). Will usually get alerts on UD Mobile that the device has gone offline and online again. 
  10. If the update was for IoX firmware release please Clear Java Cache (be sure to select all three boxes in the process.
    • Update6.png
  11. Delete any OLD copies of start.jnlp or admin.jnlp you might have on your system.
  12. Download a fresh IoX Launcher from UDI site 
  13. Run IoX Launcher and log into Admin Console as you normally would
  14. Confirm Firmware and UI match on the Help -> About menu
  15. Launch PG3 from Admin Console
    • Menu -> Node Servers -> Launch Polyglot V3 (PG3)
    • Or og into PG3x using the IoX Launcher or typing the URL directly into your browser
  16. Once logged in if this was a Polyglot update confirm PG3x version at the bottom of the dashboard screen. 

NOTE: Make a habit of not changing anything in Polyglot if the Admin Console is open. Any changes made in Polyglot need to have the Admin Console restarted to push any updates to the IoX system. It's best practice not to be logged into Polyglot and Admin Console at the same time to avoid any conflict in changes or simply to have the changes visible in Admin Console. Only log into one system at a time!


Trouble Shooting:

If you cannot log into Admin Console after an update:

  • Power Cycle the device 
    • Using the multi function button to shut down then pull power for 10 seconds
    • Using the multi function button to force a restart
    • Refer to the wiki User Guide for the device you are using for proper button pushes
      • Presses should be short, but not too short, but not held more than 2 seconds
  • Be sure you cleared Java Cache correctly
  • Be sure your Java is updated. IoX Launcher is designed to run on current versions of Java available directly at www.java.com. Using different versions might impact some parts of IoX Launcher and make it difficult/impossible to access and use Admin Console. 


If you cannot access Polyglot (PG3/PG3x)

  • Power Cycle the device (see steps above)
  • Attempt with a different browser
    • Tested working all browsers will load PG3/PG3x local web services
  • Turn off any antivirus/firewall/pop-up blocking software


Additional Comments:

It is "normal" for the IoX Finder window to display both a local friendly URL name and an IP address for the same device. It may, or may not, display this after an update. Do not be shocked if it does, or doesn't. Typically IoX Finder will report the first handshake for the name/IP for the device you are using. In some instances it is reporting both the IP address and the eisy.local (or Polisy equivalent). Lines that are "Found" and added in the process of looking cannot be deleted. This is expected behavior. 

If you have added the Portal URL to the Admin Console sometimes that will stay through a Java Cache clearing because it is stored in a UDI*.state file, but it is normal for this to also not appear after an update. If you use the Portal URL to access your device (even while local) please remember to use your Portal Credentials when using the Portal URL to access the Admin Console.



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