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Window shades


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I’m currently building a house. I have prewired some windows that don’t get any sunlight with 16/2 wire. I’m looking for a window shade, manufacturer, or motor. I don’t really care what protocol it is. It could be thread, Zigbee, or Z wave. But I would like to include these in home automation scenes. I have run the 16/2 wire back to the central location in a wiring closet. I need a multi output 12 V power supply as well. I have a server rack in this wiring closet. So if the power supply can mount in a server rack, that would be a bonus. I don’t want to use anything expensive like Somfy.

I’m also needing some really large outdoor shades that are going to be, about 10 x 10‘. And I would like to automate them as well. 

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45 minutes ago, hart2hart said:

I installed Lutron honeycomb shades early this year. Highly recommend them. They have own app and Casesta node server. Alexa Voice control via eISY or Lutron.

They don’t make them larger than 96 inches in width. I need 120 inches for outdoor shades. I believe the Lutron Serena shades are all for indoor use only. 

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1 hour ago, peterathans said:

Check the other thread in this subforum for people using SmartWings shades, they make both indoor and outdoor products.  I'm planning on using these for some indoor kitchen windows, but haven't had any experience with them yet.

I have. Smartwings doesn’t go that big with outdoor shades either. I’d love some shades with the rails on the side as well to make them more wind resistant. Smartwings doesn’t have those either. I found These but this isn’t a DIY company. There are other companies with wind resistant shade/screen, but none are for the DIYer. 

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