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Reloaded Hue app after Router failure finds Hue controller but no lights


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@trevorst you’ve posted in the PG2 area for the Hue plugin (formerly node server). Are you using this version or the PG3x version? We can move there if you’re just in the wrong area. But PG2 is no longer being supported. 

More than likely the hub is at a different IP address. If you have the same DHCP range try to make a reservation for the hub where it was before. If you cannot, then code the bridge IP and restart the node server then press the button on the hub. It “should” discover again that way. In Hue screen in the plugin store there should be a “more info” button to see how to code the hub IP address in the settings of the plugin. 

EDIT now seeing your post in the PG3 area.  Answered there as well. Closing this thread. 

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