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Brultech GEM able to talk Zigbee to EISY?


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I've replaced my old ISY with a new EISY and I am very happy with it.  I have the Z-Wave/Zigbee module on the EISY, and I'm now installing a Brultech GEM that I've had gathering dust on my shelf for over 7 years.  When I pull it out of the box, it looks like it has a Zigbee module w/antenna, and I'm wondering if anyone has been able to connect this box to an EISY without using the DashBox.

Is it better to have the DashBox in any case, since it seems to have the data collection capability built in?  I'd like to get a short recap of people's recommendations for connecting these devices.

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On 11/12/2023 at 7:27 PM, bgrubb1 said:

I have a Dashbox

I am considering writing a Nodeserver, but to tell you the truth, there is no real need.

The Dashbox has the ability to push all channels to the Eisy as variables so you have access to all channels

The Zigbee on the Gem cannot talk to the Eisy


Can you point me to some instructions as to how to configure the EISY to grab the information from the GEM?  I have set up some State Variables in the EISY and I've identified the ones I want from the Dashbox.  I set the parameters in the GEM to use some kind of ISY protocol (don't quite understand what that choice actually did...), but now I'm kind of stumped.  I assume I have to tell the EISY that variables will be coming from the network, but beyond that I'm kind of lost.  Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

(BTW, Ben at Brultech recommended you as a good resource for this!)

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I looked for the instruction docs on this. They were links to Tekens install but they all go 404  so they moved. I asked Ben at Brultech to look for them. Here is a few tidbits from my memory.

I created "State Variables" on the eISY (isy) for all channels and feeds from the ISY - see screen shot


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80 was correct for ISY-994  eISY / Polisy use 8080 for http

Glad ur up and running - one note that may not apply to you

State variables dont understand negative numbers so when my solar is over producing, the mains are not correct (well they are correct but dont display negative)



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I looked into solar for our house, but we're deep in the forest on the east side of a hill on an island off the West Coast of Canada.  Given the size of our roof and the amount of sun we get, the best we could do is about a 25% replacement of our electric use, with a payback time of > 50 years if we had blackout coverage for 3 days.  Not really worth it, I'm afraid.

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