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Smartwings Shade with Matter Thread Install Review


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I just installed a shade from Smartwings with Matter Thread.  Work With Matter Over Thread – SmartWings (smartwingshome.com).  I wish I could of hooked to Eisy but Matter Thread isnt available yet.

I have a Smartthings Station hub that I used for Matter Thread.  Smart Home Hub - SmartThings Station | SmartThings. Adding the device was a breeze. 

  1. From the Smartthings app on my phone, selected add a device.
  2. Then I selected Smartwings.
  3. I then push and held button on shade for 6 seconds until it jogged twice.
  4. Then I scanned QR code on shade into app.
  5. It connected right away.

Hub is about 60 feet away in closet.  Shade is on garage window.  I then created a routine to open 15 minutes after sunrise and close 15 minutes prior to sunset.  Works like a champ.

Ultimately, I will like to have Eisy control the shade with my other Zwave Smartwing shades, but this is my interim solution until Eisy Matter Thread is enabled.

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