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HA Groups with ISY Entities


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I’ve created some HA Groups with many ISY Entities per Group. I’m finding quite often that all the Entities in the Group are not responding. Especially Groups with 5 or more.

I’m wondering if this is expected, perhaps HA is sending the individual commands too fast for the ISY Integration or network to keep up with.

Any thoughts or experiences with similar situations?

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Have you checked your HA log for errors with the ISY integration? I've only recently been migrating my programs / automations to HA from my EOL ISY994 and have run into what appears to be an issue with the integration code.

When I made a device on the ISY a member of an HA scene it frequently doesn't respond and I see an error in the logs such as:


2023-12-27 22:25:10.550 ERROR (MainThread) [pyisy] ISY Reported an Invalid Command Received /nodes/XX%20XX%20XX%20X/cmd/DOF

2023-12-27 22:25:10.550 WARNING (MainThread) [pyisy] ISY could not send off command to XX XX X X.


My solution for the moment has been to create Insteon scenes on the ISY and use the switch device the UD ISY/IoX integration creates for the ISY scene in HA as a member of the HA scene. 

If I get any spare time I'll try to dig into the issue with the integration (pyisy).

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I may be wrong, but it seems to me you're always going to get the best performance by defining the scenes on ISY and invoking them in HA.  It probably greatly reduces the number of messages sent and received by both HA and the ISY.  And even if you do get all the devices to respond individually when part of an HA scene, I imagine you'll still see some popcorn effect without using Insteon scenes.  I get that it's more work and doesn't help much if you have a lot of lighting that uses protocols other than Insteon in your scenes, but the scene logic that's built into Insteon's protocol is pretty well thought out and robust.


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