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logs saying why light turned on

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something very helpful would be to know why a device (like a dimer switch) turned on. was it physical or was it a program? if a program or scene, which one? 

that would avoid customer saying "light turned ON on it's own!!!"

if logs were saying "on - physical" that would be pretty helpful. "no mister customer, you turned it on at 8:43,33 manually. see... physical"

or "on - scene:allOn" I could tell customer "light turned on because you triggered the all On scene.

with current logs, I can confirm customer is right: the light turned on, yes. why? maybe a program, maybe physical...

unless im missing something :-)

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There's no way for a scene to report its status.

If a program turned on a device you can view the status of that program in the program summary tab.

If a device turned on due to noise on the powerline it won't be reflected in the log or the program  summary tab.

Take a look at these troubleshooting links:

INSTEON Random All On Events - Universal Devices, Inc. Wiki (universal-devices.com)

INSTEON: Troubleshooting Communications Errors - Universal Devices, Inc. Wiki (universal-devices.com)

INSTEON Signal / Noise Troubleshooting - Universal Devices, Inc. Wiki (universal-devices.com)

INSTEON No Status Feedback From Devices - Universal Devices, Inc. Wiki (universal-devices.com)

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