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Insteon Controlled Blinds and Shades


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I was watching an episode of This Old House this other day. They were talking about Home Automation. Most of the discussions were realted to lighting control which is rather simple with Insteon devices and eisy. What caught my attention when they started talked about automated control of window shades and blinds. Most of what I have read about is proprietary solutions which require an additional app to the home automation collection. I was wondering if anyone on this forum has tackled just a task with Insteon devices. If you could describe the solution, including what window coverings you used, I would much appreciate it. That is one of the projects my spouse would like to tackle in 2024



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I'm using Levelor blinds.  They are proprietary for reasons that are hard to understand.  Why they don't release the API makes no sense, it isn't like they are protecting some future expansion into an entire HA system. 

Anyway, they did release their API to Alexa and IFTTT.  In addition, both IFTTT and Alexa have skills that let you use a URL to execute actions.  So I have network resources on ISY that trigger an action in Alexa which in this case will open/close the blinds.  Downside is you don't get the status of the blinds and you don't have full control from ISY.  Like you can't decide to open the blinds 34% unless you have a network resource set to open the blinds to 34%.  You can only execute the specific actions you created in Alexa (or IFTTT) that the url triggers, which for me is just two, open/close.  It also takes a few seconds for it to execute after you issue the command.  But I have never had it fail to execute after many months of use now.

If they would just release their API someone could make a PG node for them and we would have full integration, but whatever, in truth, I would still never do anything but open or close all the way.  But it would be nice to have instant response.  I have never felt the need to check the status of my blinds remotely or even control them remotely.  I just like being able to use Insteon devices and ISY programs to control the blinds.  For example, when I set the alarm system to night mode, ISY closes the blinds.  When I wake up, I can use UD mobile or an Insteon switch to open the blinds without the need for dedicated blind controllers.  

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14 hours ago, Geddy said:

Aside from a couple plugins (ryse

Ryse motorized components will attach to any shade/blind using a chain for an operator. With the plugin, it integrates in to the UD infrastructure well.

The only thing the native Ryse app is required for is setup and configuring the motor and the limits.

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We have Hunter Douglas PowerView blinds.  It's been on my todo for over a year to write a plugin for them.  I messed around with their gateway device & it responds well to http & json requests / commands.  Won't require Insteon but can easily be run with EISY and network commands moving to a plugin.   

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