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Oncor upgraded my meter and knocked off my ISY and Range Extender, now ISY will not rejoin


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Oncor updated my meter which knocked off my two HAN devices (Smartenit ZOE Range Extender and ISY ZS).  I notified them and they acknowledged that I am grandfathered in, it should not have happened and have assigned me an engineer to rectify the situation. He has been extremely responsive. Currently, we can get the Smartenit ZOE-RE to join the meter with no problem. But, the ISY keeps trying over and over to rejoin with no success and I have located it about 3 feet from the meter to be sure. They have removed and added it several times and I've sent them all my info so they can verify it.  Is there anything else I can do from my My Electricity Dashboard to possibly get the ISY to join? My ISY and dashboard are currently on version 5.3.0. Of course I have rebooted many times, but no joy. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Might a soft reset in the Dashboard/My Electricity console be an answer?  Will the soft reset change any of the ID information that the Utility needs to reinstall the monitoring? Will it in any way mess with any of the programming or AMI NEM PG2 node set up?

I am open to other suggestions too. 

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@LFMc this issue seems that it would be best suited for a support ticket with UDI. 


Since nobody offered suggestions following first post it's probably something most users aren't familiar with and best way to get support from UDI is through their ticket process. They can suggest what you need to do or describe what to check with your utility company to get this corrected.

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