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Agave question

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Wasn't sure where to post this, so came here.. Sorry if this in not an acceptable topic.

Like many others, I have been using Agave for some years now. As I am rebuilding my system on eisy, I finally got around to linking Agave to my system. Works fine..except...my z wave thermostats do not display, nor do any of my z wave switches.

I searched and found a thread from last summer where the developer (Mr. Peterson) chimed in and pointed out that in eisy there had been a change in the family designation for thermostats and that was the apparent problem. However the total inability to see z wave devices is the larger issue, and may subsume the thermostat question.

The Thread on thermostat family designation more or less died there and was closed to further comments.

Does anyone know anything on this issue? It's a deal breaker for me in terms of Agave.I know some will suggest using the UD Mobil app...so far I am having problems with it and will abandon Agave only if I have no other choice.



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The family for z wave changed with Z-Matter, so my guess is z-wave will not work with Agave.

What issues are you having with UD Mobile?  Most issues we encounter are related to initial configuration or incorrect settings.

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