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KeypadLinc v1.5 Experiences


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Installed 2 more this weekend, in place of existing v1.4 KeypadLincs. Here are the steps I took:


- removed existing KPL from the ISY

- physically replaced the KPL

- factory reset the KPL

- tried adding the new KPL to the ISY by address - received "Request Failed" error

- used the "Start Linking" function instead, and the ISY added the new KPLs with no issues

- created new scenes as needed, added new KPL buttons to existing scenes as needed

- modified existing programs as needed to reflect new KPL

- created new programs as needed for new KPL


Other than the problem with adding the v1.5 KPL by address, they seem to be working great.


I did have one instance when I was trying to set the ramp rate on one of the new KPLs, and I received a communication error. I retried, and again received a communication error. I tried a query on the KPL, and received a communication error. I went ahead and made some other changes I needed to make in the ISY, then 5 mins or so later retried the ramp rate change and it worked fine. I retried the query, and it worked fine.


I will followup if I note any changes or problems.

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Also - for the record, my old v1.4 KPLs show up as "v.29" in My Lighting. The new v1.5 KPLs show up as "v.2A".


There could be a few reasons. One example I can give you is for firmware/hardware control by UL and ETL you have a version such as V6 with suffixes for bug fixes etc but no new features. So UL and ETL put in their reports V6XX where XX is any number or letter representing bug fixes. By doing this the mfg can fix bugs without going back to UL or ETL and waiting months and spending thousands of dollars for something that UL or ETL is not concerned about. If they add a feature they should go to V7XX.


Imagine if SH or anyone else had to go back to ETL for every bug fix?


Just one possibility.

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