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KPL and Scenes


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Since I have found some documentation not as helpful, I'd like to see how the "pros" run their system.


I have a KPL in my kitchen, and 6 SwitchLincs


Getting the KPL to control scenes was quite a unique experience.


ButtonA, the local load, is special. The secondary buttons if set as a "Controller" of a scene, when the scene is set, it completely ignores ramp rates.


So each secondary has its own program to set a scene.

Is that really the intended way?




If this is not the normal way to do this, then could someone point me to some documentation on how to do this the right way?

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That is what you will have to do with KeypadLincs for now.



The new KPLs allow using different levels and rates for each button, but they are incompatible with um, everything.


Smarthome has promised changes in the KPL and the ISY team is waiting for the new specifications.

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