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Syncing KPL buttons w/ scenes


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I have a KPL set up w/ six buttons, the two main buttons control the load on the device, the other 4 toggle scenes. The devices controlled in these other four scenes can also be controlled by x-10 which I use an ir remote with the ir543 to control. My issue was, before I got my ISY, and still is that the KPL buttons don't reflect the status of these 4 scenes when controlled via the remote x-10 commands.


I expected to get closer to what I wanted with the following programs, but they accomplish nothing. Someone please enlighten me if you can.


if status MB hutch is on
then set scene MB KP hutch scene on
else set scene MB KP hutch scene off

I set the opposite on else b/c the KPL button controls only the one device on/off only, and honestly I figured this one particular program would operate the most accurately


Does the ISY in fact only monitor insteon traffic, and not truly monitor device statuses?

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