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Test PLM connection


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Any plans to test the PLM in a program (and maybe other hardware)? That way I can receive an email if the hardware is failing. If there is a way to do it I can’t seem to figure it out.


My PLM died and I found out when I noticed the lawn and plants weren’t looking well. The ISY kept sending me emails showing it was working but in reality nothing happened.


As a test I removed the PLM and let the ISY continue to run. It reported it had run the program.



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There is now a Condition Status statement variant that asks - is/is not Responding. This reflects whether the ISY can communicate with the specific device. Perform some function against a device such as Query and then test if it is responding or is not responding. An email could be sent if the device consistently indicates is not responding.

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Cannot be used with RF only devices. They are asleep most of the time making it impossible to Query.


EDIT: even if they were awake RF only devices have no Status to query. The Current State the ISY shows for an RF device button/paddle is simply the last command received from that button/paddle. If a change is made to an RF device such as different links or configuration it can show not responding if it was not put into linking mode but this is short term configuration change related. In day to day operation an RF device would not be expected nor can it be queried for a not responding situation.

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