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Effect of Using Nothing But Dual Band Products

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Smarthome has recently discontinued their powerline only Switchlincs in favor of shipping dual band switches only.


For newer installations, what are the ramifications of having a network consisting of nothing but dual band products? Will it work great? Will there be a lot of collisions from the increased traffic generated? What are the assumptions made regarding usage level to keep response reliability high - when one flips a switch, will it always toggle a logical load?

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There should be no negative ramifications to an increase in the number of Dual Band devices installed. The RF aspect of the Insteon mesh network is automatic and autonomous. Like any technology if there are unanticipated problems SmartLabs will correct them. Dual Band devices have been on the increase over the last few years so it is not new environment.

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I can only tell you my experience. While I don't have ALL dual-band products, some of my recent device additions are dual-band. I have noticed no adverse consequences and only that my insteon network is as good as it has ever been.

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The only adverse affects that come to mind is the limited installation for those who have shallow device box's. The other is the $15.00 increase in price for the dual band technology. The only other factor is health and safety.


Some people just don't want RF bouncing around their home 24/7/365. Given how we continue to learn, and re-define what is safe, compared to yesteryears.


The constant RF bombardment is something to keep in mind . . .


Teken . . .

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In general I would think more Dual band devices would be good for the most part.

Another thing to consider is "multipathing" and possible signal cancellations or interference.

I have seen in my home where there are RF "nodes" or areas where RF signal strength is good and then a few feet away it is bad.


With more RF devices there is more possibility for multipath cancellations. In theory you could have two RF devices talking just fine with each other. Now add a third device at just the right spot and the original two no longer communicate as well as they used to.


Just my opinion but I am not anxious to add too many dual band devices as long as my overall communications is reliable as it is and coverage for existing RF only devices is good.

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