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Garage linc questions


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I just hooked up the garage linc today and it works, well kinda? I currently control the door from my phone with the Mobilelinc app. The door opens when I push on and closes when I push on also. I cannot get the status correct. for instance, when the door is open is says status closed and the little garage picture on the app also shows the door closed. I am using the ISY-99 and all I did was enter the new device into the system and it worked. What am I missing to get the device to show the correct status?
























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Either the Trigger Reverse option is set such that the On/Off command flow has been reversed or the wrong pair of wires is being used from the magnetic switch.


Check the Green LED on the I/O Linc. Is it ON when the door is open or is it ON when the door is closed?

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The I/O Linc normally sends a On command when the Green LED turns On. If the Admin Console and MobiLinc are reporting the Sensor Off when the door is open (Green LED On) the Trigger Reverse option is in effect. The Trigger Reverse option causes the I/O Linc to send an Off command when the Green LED turns On (door open in your case).

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If the MobiLinc Open/Close On/Off buttons are sending Insteon Direct commands to the I/O Linc Relay that is expected result. The I/O Relay is operating in Momentary mode so the Insteon Direct On command turns the I/O Linc Relay On for a few seconds to simulate a manual button press. The I/O Linc turns the Relay Off automatically so the Off button has no affect.


For On/Off commands to affect the I/O Linc Relay it is necessary to define a Scene with the I/O Linc Relay as a Responder, turning the Scene On/Off. How the I/O Linc Relay responds to the Scene On/Off commands depends on which Momentary mode the I/O Linc Relay is operating in. The various combinations are covered in the I/O Linc User Guide.


Note that an I/O Linc purchased after March 2012 is an I2CS device. ISY 3.2.6 cannot set the Momentary mode of an I2CS I/O Linc. This is expected to be fixed in the next ISY release.

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I am a relatively new user of mobilinc, so much of this is based on limited experience.


I am not sure whether it is clear, but when you add a garage kit to your system, two devices (both part of the IOLinc) show up: the relay and sensor. You should not expect the relay to display status of the door. Neither should you expect the sensor to control the door.


Mobilinc shows both devices, relay and sensor. Make sure you are looking at the "sensor" device when determining status of the door. Mine appears to work correctly.

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I know that this is a couple weeks old, but I ran across it when I was troubleshooting my own garage door woes. After digging around in my ISY, I could not get the reverse trigger to help at all. My MobiLinc kept showing the door open, when it was closed. After pulling my hair for a few hours, I ran across another setting.


In MobiLinc, if you go to the advanced options for the garage door sensor, there is an option to reverse the icons. The default setting will show "On" as an open garage door. You can reverse it so that "On" shows a closed garage door.



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