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need help writing a program for garage


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I can't get the terminology correct on writing a program if my garage is left open for longer than 5 minutes after 11pm and before 6am the next day, I would like it to have it close automatically.


Any help would be great. I just don't quite fully understand the if, then yet.


Thanks a lot in advance.

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Something like this


       From    11:00:00PM
       To       6:00:00AM (next day)
   And Status  'IOLinc-Sensor' is On

       Wait  5 minutes 
       Set 'IOLinc-Relay' On

  - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')


assumes the I/O Linc Sensor is On when he door is open.

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thanks Lee. That's exactly how I wrote it with the exception of, then wait 5 minutes and set IOlinc to off. Wouldn't you set the then IOlinc to off since that is what I want it to do? In this case it is the garage door which is "open" for 5 min and then I want it to "close" or off.


Getting close to understanding some of this. Also, what is the "else" used for?

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OK I think I get what you are saying, but I have an Open button and a Close button on my phone and they both do what is said, open and close. So if I am understanding this correctly, then in this case I can use the close button or off in my program and it will close the door just as if I was executing the command from my phone......right?

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There are almost always multiple ways of doing things with Insteon devices. You are relating Scene processing which is the only way an Off command in combination with the right Momentary mode will cause the I/O Linc Relay to turn On. The Relay must be turned On for the opener motor to move.


The Program example I posted is using an Insteon Direct On command to turn the I/O Linc Relay On. This works independent of Momentary mode, independent of whether the Sensor is On when the door is open or On when the door is closed.


To answer the specific question, NO, you cannot issue an Insteon Direct Off command and have the door move. If you want to use a Scene which has the I/O Linc Relay as the Responder, and you have the proper Momentary mode set, and the proper Sensor On/Off relative to door Open/Close, and the proper use of Trigger Reverse, you can issue a Scene Off.

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