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Output Status Blank At Startup


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Last week we had lots of thunderstorms and the power was flickering a bunch. I have a UPS that powers my ISY, Router, Modem, and Elk XEP. Everything worked great through the storms, until a couple days later the UPS died. So much for the "U" in UPS!


This of course caused a reboot of the ISY and XEP unit. I then noticed my sprinkler didn't run.


       Time is  6:00:00AM
   And Elk Output 'Output 102' is Off

       Set Elk Output 'Output 066' On for 2 Seconds  [THIS CAUSES ELK TO EXECUTE THE SPRINKLER PROGRAM]

  - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')


The summary said the program was "false" at 6am when it should have been true. I checked the output status and it was blank (as were most of them). I assume "blank" does not qualify as "off" so it went "false" and didn't run.


My concern is that when power to the system restored, the outputs weren't queried. I don't believe there is a programmatic way to force an output query. Manually running the query seems to have put things in order, but if this had happened while I was out of town, trouble would have ensued.


This was reproducible as I ended up rebooting the system a couple times over a few days as I worked on the UPS.


Is there something I am missing here that can prevent this problem or would an ISY firmware change be needed?

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