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wondering if there is a easy way to make a all off button

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The top of the device tree (usually called My Lighting) is a scene which can be addressed by programs. This scene contains ALL devices in your insteon network. You could create a program as follows to do what you want:


       Control 'MstrBed / KPLD8 / MBR KPL-H' is switched On
    Or Control 'MstrBed / KPLD8 / MBR KPL-H' is switched Off

       Set Scene 'My Lighting' Off

  - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')


Be careful with this if you have devices that activate with an "Off" command like possibly an IOLinc controlling a garage door as this might just open your door(s) for you.


Hope this helps.



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For the reasons noted in the previous post and other problems, using My Lighting for an All Off is not recommended by UDI. It can affect thermostat settings, Open the garage door, Unlock the MorningLinc lockset, for just some examples of the bad things that happen when an Off is arbitrarly sent to every installed device.


For the few minutes it saves dragging selected devices to a new All Off Scene with selected devices it is not worth the problems using My Lighting can cause.

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