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3 way switch setup with a scene

C Martin

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As long as I have used Insteon with ISY I still have questions about setting up a 3 way or multi-switch setup.

I have 2 - 2477D Dual Band Switchlincs. I have incorporated them into a Scene. They were both added as Controllers. On their own, they work just fine.

But...... As always there is a but involved.

I have a program that changes the On Value of these switches after 11 pm. In order to make both of these switches work at the same "On" level I had to do some interesting programming.


       From    11:59:00PM
       To       5:50:00AM (next day)

       In Scene 'Interior Lights / BathRoom 2nd SW' Set 'Interior Lights / BathRoom Main' 20% (On Level)
       In Scene 'Interior Lights / BathRoom Main' Set 'Interior Lights / BathRoom Main' 20% (On Level)

       In Scene 'Interior Lights / BathRoom 2nd SW' Set 'Interior Lights / BathRoom Main' 65% (On Level)
       In Scene 'Interior Lights / BathRoom Main' Set 'Interior Lights / BathRoom Main' 65% (On Level)


Is this normal or what???

Has anyone had to use this programming method?

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To turn both lights On or Off together use the Scene that has both SwitchLincs as Controllers. To change the Scene Responder On Level for the devices in the Scene each device has to be changed individually as your posted example does. The change of On Level information is written into each Responder device link database. There is no means of changing all the Responder On Levels with a single Action statement.

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These switches are not being turned on by any programs, just the "On" values are being changed.

They are being controlled via the local switches, themselves.

FYI for people who want to adjust the scenes via ISY, this was how the program needed to change the "On" levels via some sort of parameter for both switches to act the same way.

It was unexpected, by me, that I would have to do that this way.

One benefit that came my way because of this - I can actually have one switch act differently (Have a different "On" Level) verses the other.

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The first statement in each clause sets the Responder On Level to 20% for when the "Main" SwitchLinc is turned on by "2nd SW". The second statement sets the Local On Level for when the "Main" SwitchLinc paddle is physically pressed.


To the SwitchLinc these are different things, reacting as a Responder to another Controller versus reacting to a physical paddle press. It is not uncommon for different buttons on a KeypadLinc to turn On the Responder to different On Levels. In that case more Program statements would be necessary to time adjust the Responder level for each Controller button along with the Local On Level.


Insteon is pretty flexible in this area but with that flexibility comes the complexity of setting multiple values.

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Thanks for taking the time to explain the workings of these devices.

I appreciate all of the input that you provide on a regular basis on many topics.

You seem to have a great deal of knowledge on the subject of Insteon and ISY, keep the information coming.

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