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Ezflora - Set Beeper Duration command addition/programs?


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I am in the process of installing an EzFlora and have not found a "Set Beeper Duration" option in the list when adding an action in a program.


If this could be easily added it would be a nice addition, at least for me and possibly for others?


When I first received the Ezflora I tested the beeper duration command off-line from the ISY so I know it works. There are not that many devices that do support the beeper duration command so I would like to take advantage of the fact that this device does.


While the beeper may not be a desirable feature for part of an irrigation sequence my Ezflora will be located in an area where I have wanted to have audible feedback of another scene activation from a keypadlinc (longer duration beep than the keypadlinc supports).


If I could utilize the beeper in the Ezflora that would be grand.

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