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Keypadlinc 2487S 6-button with 2477D - Dimming doesn't work


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I have 2 rooms with identical devices set up the same, but acting differently. In each room there is a 2487s 6-button + 2477D (call it Bar and Kitchen). The bar and kitchen are 3-way switches. In the Bar, a press and hold of the On button (2487s) causes the lights to dim. Likewise, the 2477D dims the lights when holding the paddle for a short time.


In the Kitchen, however, neither the 2477D nor the 2487S will dim the lights. Only fast on and off. The setups, done in the ISY is identical (or so it appears to be). Each room/devices are in a scene and both are controllers of the scene. But yet, one dims and the other doesn't (actually, I didn't think the dimming would work at all since one of the devices, the 6-button, doesn't have dimming capabilities). What gives? Maybe it has something to do with where the load is wired-in? Or, perhaps the scenes (which are very simple) constructed improperly?


Thanks (again) for all the great advice and insight.



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