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Smarthome Shipping


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I think Smarthome could do better with their shipping prices. I think if you order over $200 it should be free even to your home.


I'm an Amazon Prime member and I try to order all my Insteon products at Amazon (fulfilled by Smarthome). The prices are the same as Smarthome but as a Prime member I get free 2 day shipping. So ordering from Amazon is cheaper and much quicker than Smarthome. When I order from Smarthome it takes more than a week to get the product.


Does anyone else save time and money by using Amazon as a Prime member??

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Have you had to get any of them replaced under warranty.

One of the biggest problems with Smarthome is they expected the vendor to honor warranty and most vendors won't after 30 days.


Not a prime member but I when I only want one module I order through amazon for free super save shipping. I won't place an order where shipping is a major amount of the cost. I too mis free $200 shipping, that and there 15 or 20% off sales, used to place a big order once or twice a year but not lately.


The price of most modules at Amazon was the same the last I looked, but keypad frames and clear buttons where up to almost $10 instead of there normal around $5 or $6; Best to check each time.



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I bought certain smarthome items through Amazon to make use of my free prime shipping as well.


I've not had any issues when I had to make an exchange. I even went directly through the Smarthome customer support and simply gave them my Amazon order number - no problems.


I work for FedEx (Express) and do a lot of internet shopping, and Smarthome is the only retailer I've ever run across that charges extra for the FedEx Ground deliveries to a residential address. (needless to say I don't work in the sales dept - so I can't speak to how FedEx may be billing them)

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Yeah since the Amazon orders are fulfilled by Smarthome they have no reason to turn down a warranty claim. They have always honored the warranty even if bought from Amazon but I've only had to do this once. If Smarthome can sell through Amazon with free shipping it seems like they could ship for free to residential addresses if the order is over $200.


The problem with Smarthome is they really don't have any competition.

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I hope by now Smarthome/Smartlabs has updated their sales agreements with independent dealers.

Early users learned the hard way about the warranty problems.

The early SwitchLincs had push button problems.

The original warranty said 2 years from Smartlabs {the manufacturing division}.

You called Smartlabs they said call Smarthome our retail devision.

Smathome said no problem what is your order number that you didn't have if it was from an independent dealer and the dealer would insist SmartLabs held the warranty so we refuse to help you. :!:


I know three fellow early adopters that decided that was not acceptable and have moved to UPB or ZWave and are 100% happy with their move.


Then again I can remember when the modules where much less costly and the SwitchLinc actually had a White paddle set and an Ivory set in the box if you wanted to change it. :lol:

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