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Marking a remotelinc


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What do you use to mark the buttons on your remotelinc? I've tried a so called permanent marker, but it rubs off in very little time.

I'll have to order the replaceable buttons for the keypad linc, but it doesn'r appear there is anything for the remotelinc.

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I mark all my paddles with transparent (actually frosted) Avery labels. They are small enough to work on paddles directly. Would have to do some trimming for an RL2 button. Print the labels on the PC, then transfer to the middle of the paddle where it does not get finger wear. Has worked well on my ICON devices. Not sure how well a label would hold up on a RL2 button where the label is subject to constant wear from finger pressure.


We use to label new electronics projects with dry transfer characters and coat them with clear coat of some kind. Don't remember exactly what we used but it was available from artist supplies.

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