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Garage Hawk, Please.


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I understand that you feel there is a lack of demand for Garage Hawk support and that you need to set development priorities where there is demand. I have had the product basically since it was released and would very much like to integrate it into my ISY. Therefore, I am voicing my request for support of this product in ISY.


Hopefully others who have Garage Hawk will also speak up and you will see that there is demand to have it supported in ISY.




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I would also like to add my vote for the addition of Garage Hawk to the ISY. While the I/O Linc can control a garage door, the Garage Hawk has the security feature that it only allows the garage door to be closed, which to me is a big security feature. So please, add my vote as well.


And many thanks for the ISY. It is such a great product.


Best regards,



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