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Quick question re: "replace with" function


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Okay, so I understand that the "replace with" function is intended for replacment of like devices, such as when the original device fails.


However, I've got an Insteon dimmer (2477D) installed at a location - configured and working just fine in a few programs that I've set up. I now wish to replace the dimmer with a 6-key keypadlinc (2486DWH6). Now, it occurs to me that the top and bottom buttons are really identical to the dimmer, while the other 4 keys are extra functions.


SoooOOOOooo ... if I install the keypad and start the replace function, telling the ISY to replace the keypad with the dimmer, will it work as I intend or is this just setting myself up for abject failure?


(note: I did try a forum search to see what might crop up, but nothing quite the same came up in the search!)



Thanks in advance,



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