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last changed timestamp on main tab and in program conditions


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This is to request a "last changed" timestamp column in the main tab so one can quickly tell the last time a device changed, similar to what's available in the variables tab.




access in program condition to the last changed timestamp for both devices and variables


Being able to know or check (depending on if it's implemented with or without persistence) when a device has not changed for a period of time would be valuable to:

1) detect potential problems

2) avoid unwanted actions (e.g. not reacting to temp sensor or weather info that's well out of date)

3) repeat an action similar to "last run" time on a program


Thanks for considering it.


P.S. If the latter is already available and I've just not found it or figured it out, please let me know.

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Thanks for the response, Michel.


Just to add that this functionality is available in HomeSeer via scripting and it has made a difference for me, including making up for the problem with low battery functionality in Insteon motion sensors, which has been unreliable to the point of being useless with either premature notification or no notification at all.


Am also using it with a 1-wire temp/humidity sensor solution that I've just started moving from HS to ISY (using Autelis RS232-to-ISY bridge and a splitter cable), as well as weather forecast data and my DSC alarm panel to react when windows or doors are open for a certain amount of time. (Would Elk users benefit similarly?)


While I will have HomeSeer running for a little while yet, I am working toward cutting the cord on HomeSeer and not having this functionality in ISY when I'm otherwise ready to do it would delay that plan.


Thanks again.

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