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Venstar 2491T1E not taking commands from ISY-99


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How can I go about figuring out why my first thermostat added to the ISY-99 will not accept changes sent from my ISY-99i PRO? It works fine otherwise, as far as being able to see the current status in the ISY, including updates from the thermostat.


The stat is a 2491T1E and the sticker on the Insteon board states "1312 REV:2.5".


Note that when I first linked it to the ISY it was not sending updates (and I believe I saw that it was not taking commands but I'm not sure). I realized I had not set the thermostat mode to OFF before linking it (as more careful reading made that clear to me), so I deleted it from the ISY and then re-linked it with the stat mode OFF.


When I do change the setpoints or fan mode for example, the ISY briefly puts up the message "Please do not power off/unplug...". However the change does not happen on the stat, and when I Query the device it restores the ISY display to what it was before I tried to change it.


Thanks for any advice figuring this out.



ISY 99i Pro (1040) running INSTEON_UD99 v.3.2.6

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