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Odd network behavior


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Hello All,


I am experiencing a very odd situation that is going to be a bit difficult to describe. And further I am not sure where the issue is stemming from. I am hoping one or more of you wise folks can offer some suggestions. I have the following:


ISY994 with network module installed

Pogoplug with DSCLink (with relay server), CAIWC, USB audio sound card and various audio mp3’s

Just installed a Wansview camera.


Preface: When an event occurs that requires a sound bite be played a program in ISY runs a particular network resource which then sends the request to dsclink relay which then calls the required mp3 to play thru the usb sound card on the pogoplug. For instance, say the garage door has been open too long with no motion detected in the garage. An mp3 sound bite will play announcing “the garage door is open†thru the whole house audio.

Everything has been working and is currently working perfectly.


In a nutshell: Fast-forward to this last weekend. I installed a wifi camera. Using the stock program to view the camera output on my pc with windows7– again everything is fine.

I am sitting at the computer playing with the camera adjustments in the program and watching the results. The garage door is/was open. I see my wife pull into the driveway (which triggers the driveway motion detector) and pulls into the garage. Suddenly the “garage door†mp3 starts playing..but not thru the usb sound card but thru my pc’s speakers. So the audio didn’t play thru the whole house audio speakers but just thru the pc I was sitting at. The sound bite was in like an endless loop, played over and over 5 or six times without stopping then suddenly stopped mid sentence. So in other words the mp3 wasn’t over but just quit like half way thru the track.


This issue is somewhat repeatable but I haven’t exactly figured out what circumstances are triggering it. More importantly, why is it happening thru the pc?


The camera is not controlled or otherwise tied into the ISY or Pogoplug. All addresses are static.

I looked to see and make sure that there is only one program which calls the garage door audio in the network resource, and it hadn’t been run for a couple of hours before this occurred. I am 99% sure the ISY doesn’t have anything to do with this. But I am at a loss for an explanation.


Ideas anyone?





edit: I am sorry, just noticed I started this thread in Site Comments...Meant to start it in Coffee Shop, my apologies to all.

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Hi Tim-




Does DSCLinc run on the Win7 Box or the Pogoplug ?

Can you recreate this behavior by manually running the resource ?

Does your resource call an ip or a name ?



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The only thing that makes sense to me then is that you have that soundbyte assigned to a Windows event and that event just happened to coincide with activity in the garage. Assuming that the pogoplug does not directly interact with the windows box, I see no other way for this to happen.


What did you use to create the soundbyte mp3? Is that editor open? Did that MP3 get found by a media player app? Were you working at the Win7 box when this happened? Skynet ?



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First, I am sorry, just noticed I started this thread in Site Comments...Meant to start it in Coffee Shop, my apologies to all.




You are a genius. I have been working on this all morning. Turns out it wasn’t the motion sensor/ISY system triggering the mp3 to play, and it wasn’t being called from the pogo. It was the internal motion of the camera. The Alarm setting for the camera had been checked with siren checked (siren is what they call the audio clip to be played when motion is detected). There was no audio clip selected so it must have just grabbed the first mp3 it found (?), I don’t know but as soon as I unchecked alarm the problem went away! Re-checked the box and retested and it played the clip. Unchecked it and retested with no clip.


I was just starting to post some more info, re-read your last post a couple of times and your first and last sentence got me to thinking and sure enough that windows event was the camera software. (I feel like an idiot :oops: )


Thanks so very much for your help!




edit: I should add that the reason I thought the clip was being sent from the pogo is because I didn't think I had a copy of it on this pc any longer but in fact there is still a copy of it on this pc.


Anyway, Thanks again.

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