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Can't get Dakota WPT-3000 to trigger program via EZSnsRF


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I have a new ISY 994i PRO, Dakota Alert WPT-3000 wireless probe transmitter and a EZSnsRF Wireless Sensor Receiver. I'm trying to setup a simple test here in my office before installing it in my driveway. My test was to get the motion sensor to send a notification to my email when it sensed on object passing by.


I've been through the docs that came with it as well as all the online docs I can find and have not been successful in getting this simple test case to work.


My program is: If status 'Dakota sensor' is not Off then send notification to 'Default' content 'Arrival email'


My ISY appears to be linked to the ESSnSRF as it shows it's ID and current state as "Off." I can also query it for device links and it shows 2 links - one looks bogus (all zeros) and the other looks ok (a mixture of numbers and letters). Shouldn't it have 2 links - one to the ISY, the 2nd to the Dakota Sensor?


When I move metal by the sensor, I can see the red led coming on so I believe it is detecting the motion. How can I diagnose what is broken?





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One link record for each Dakota Alert code added to the EZSnsRF. There is no link to the Dakota Alert Motion Sensor. The EZSnsRF is looking for an RF signal that matches the Dakota Alert code that was defined.


The all zeros link record entry is the end of list entry.


How was the Dakota Alert code defined to the EZSnsRF? Does the EZSnsRF node show On status for a second or two when the Motion Sensor sees motion. The Dakota Alert Motion Sensor does not stay on very long.


What level ISY firmware is being used?


Is this a new EZSnsRF?

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I only have a single sensor so didn't change the dip switches. They are currently all off except for #7.


I followed the quick-start guide for the EZSnsRF where it says "learning a transmitter code." This has you pressing and holding the pushbutton on the EZSnsRF and then activate the sensor. The next steps are about linking it to a Insteon device - I wasn't sure if I was supposed to link it to the PowerLinc or just ignore those steps and complete the rest in the ISY. I've tried both to no avail.


No, I never get an "On" status.


Model: ISY 994i 1024

Platform: ISY-C-994

Version: 3.2.6

Build Timestamp: 2012-05-04-00:19:21


Yes, the EZSnsRF is new.

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Run Tools | Diagnostics | Event Viewer with Level 3. Right click the EZSnsRF node, select Diagnostics | Query Insteon Engine. Post the event log. The EZSnsRF likely has an I2CS internal PLM as the devices SHN has been shipping recently have the new I2CS internal PLMs. If the event trace confirms this ISY 3.3.2 is required as it contains support for SHN devices with an I2CS PLM.


As far as definig the Dakota Alert code, it needs to be done as part of adding the EZSnsRF to the ISY which I believe will have to be done again once on 3.3.2. After going to 3.3.2 (assuming the event trace shows that to be necessary) delete the EZSnsRF, factory reset the EZSnsRF, add the EZSnsRF following the instructions in the Wiki. This procedure will define the Dakota Alert code as part of adding the EZSnsRF to the ISY.

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Okay, thanks. That is not an I2CS device. The problem is likely the Dakota Alert code being defined before being added to the ISY. Delete the EZSnsRF, factory reset, then add it back to the ISY following the sequence in the UDI Wiki. That should sync the node with the Dakota Alert code which should cause the EZSnsRF node to turn On (very briefly) when motion is sensed. My test here shows the node being On for 1-2 seconds only when motion is sensed.

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