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Garage Door issues after upgrade


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Yesterday I upgraded to the latest 3.2 as well as updated the mobilinc app in itunes..


I do not know if any of the upgrades are related to my new problem but here it is and thanks for any help.


1. I have isy set up to send me a text when the garage door is closed as well as being able to monitor real time status of the sensor(opened/closed)

2. I have the garage door kit (io linc) set up in reverse mode and in Mom C-- when sensors are on it is open, when sensors are off door is closed


Here is what I am seeing:


When I open the garage .. it takes approx 5 seconds for the door to fully open and for the sensors to move into the on position (where they are close to each other)

The problem is that now when I open the garage the sensor status immeadiatley shows "ON" even though the sensors are not together .. if that makes sense


It seems like the sensor status is being based on the relay being turned on or off and not by if the sensors are actually detecting each other or not ...


Is there something I am missing here in the settings?


I hope that makes sense..ignore spelling errors!

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the switch is mounted on the garage door rail and the magnet on the top of the garage door in a way where the 2 would only connect if the door was fully opened ...


sensor status on mobilinc and isy are actually showing the same ...


When the door is closed the switch and magnet show OFF


As soon as I open the door, the status of switch goes to ON even though the magnet is 10-12 feet away ...


One other note: (dont know if this matters)

In the ISY admin it says:


Garage Door Relay

is a responder to


Garage Door sensor

is a responder to

is a controller for

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It sounds to me as if you are looking not at sensor status, but at relay status. Given your sensor location, like you, I expect the sensor state to change only when the door is fully opened.


Have you observed the iolinc led? Does it come on immediately when opened, or only after the door has reaced the end of its travel?

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This was just reported under the 3.3.2 topic as well. Looks like a glitch in the 3.3.2 code. Turning the Relay On also marks the Sensor On even though the Sensor did not actually turn On. (no Green LED). A Query restores the Sensor to the correct Status although that may not be useful in your case.


EDIT: the event trace confirms the Sensor being marked On even though only the Relay was sent an On. UDI tech support has been notified.


Sun 09/23/2012 11:52:28 AM : [iNST-TX-I1 ] 02 62 1C FD D5 0F 11 02


Sun 09/23/2012 11:52:28 AM : [iNST-ACK ] 02 62 1C.FD.D5 0F 11 02 06 LTONRR (02)


Sun 09/23/2012 11:52:28 AM : [ 1C FD D5 2] ST 255


Sun 09/23/2012 11:52:28 AM : [iNST-ACK ] 02 62 1C.FD.D5 0F 11 02 06 LTONRR (02): Duplicate or ACK for a different device


Sun 09/23/2012 11:52:28 AM : [iNST-SRX ] 02 50 1C.FD.D5 19.70.06 2B 11 02 LTONRR (02)


Sun 09/23/2012 11:52:28 AM : [standard-Direct Ack][1C.FD.D5-->ISY/PLM Group=0] Max Hops=3, Hops Left=2


Sun 09/23/2012 11:52:28 AM : [ 1C FD D5 1] ST 255

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