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REQUEST: Disable Security


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Hi arw01,


We would certainly entertain client authentication via certificates. But this will only be available on 994 PRO series.



I did not happen to order the 994 Pro, but I think I saw an upgrade option that was software only?


In my case, I use several Android devices, phones, tablets. I read something on the security that some certificates might not be available with phones.



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To awaken an old thread:


I would like some form of client-based auth to the Ajax web interface by one of several possible mechanisms (In order of decreasing preference):


1) MAC address

2) specific IP address/subnet

3) Client certificate


I would not want any of this for the admin interface. If you wanted to get fancy, you could limit access to the admin interface based upon the above, but I would still insist on a final username/password to access it.


Obviously, my ISY is behind my firewall. If someone penetrated my LAN to get to my ISY, I would have much bigger problems.  The ISY already responds to REST commands without any specific authentication already, no? 

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Any chance we'll see this in 5.0? I too only access ISY from LAN. If I want to access it away from home, I VPN into my LAN first and have bigger things to worry about than ISY if someone has hacked into it. Weird light or HVAC activity might actually help me detect a network intruder...


I would add that regardless of any other option provided, I'd like to see it allow no credential access from an IP address range so I can continue to avoid the whole certificate thing, which is a hassle and too resource intensive for the current hw. Perhaps restrict it to the same non-routable LAN subnet ISY is on if that helps protect people from themselves and UD from undeserved bad press. I don't know if restricting it to a MAC address would work when I VPN in because I don't know what MAC is given to my session.

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Hi johnnyt,


We are definitely looking into more granular security and authorization. With all the hackers out there who love to hack into home automation systems, I am a little worried having no security especially if it's only based on source IP address since it can easily be spoofed and changed.


With kind regards,

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