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Checking Status of any light in a scene


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I want to have an "indicator" LED on a Keypadlinc in the master bedroom. It should show if any light in the house is left on (by being lit).


I have read how to do this by using a nested IF statement for each light in the "all lights" scene. However I have hundreds of switches, is there an easier way to say:


"If any light status is "on", then turn on keypadlinc B."


When I go to Network in the admin panel it shows a list of all switches and their current state. Why can't I use this? (The next questions would be is there a way I can do a negative IF to ignore certain lights i might not want to follow?).



Thanks for any help... I am hoping there is a function call to read this data ...

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Insteon has no concept of Scene Status so each switch of interest has to be checked individually.


If Status 'switchA' is Off

and Status 'switchB' is Off

and Status 'switchC' is Off

and so on.



Set Scene 'kpl button' Off



Set Scene 'kpl button' On




Note that Secondary KPL buttons cannot be controlled with a Direct command. Assign the Secondary KPL button as a Responder in a Scene and turn the Scene On or Off

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