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Two quick questions:


1) Why in the programs summary do I have two columns labeled 'Last Run Time' and 'Last Finish Time' and they always seem to show the same exact times. I've found this odd for awhile, but never figured out whats going on. I assume that 'Last Run Time' stands for 'Last Start Time' however given the results, I feel that I am incorrect. Can someone explain this.


2) Also in the programs summary, what does the 'Status' column stand for. I always assumed it was the status of whether or not the program was allowed to run, but the following program is showing differently




Status 'Inside / House / 2nd Floor / Master Bedroom / MB LMPL_Lmps' <= 40%

And Control 'Inside / House / 2nd Floor / Master Bedroom / MB MS_Snsr' is switched On



Set Scene 'Inside / House / 2nd Floor / Master Bedroom / MB Scn_ Lmps:Motn:Night:UP' On

Wait 9 minutess

Set Scene 'Inside / House / 2nd Floor / Master Bedroom / MB Scn_Lmps:Motn:Night:DWN' On



- No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')




This program is located in my Motion Folder which has no conditions, the Motion Folder is located my Home folder with no conditions, and the Home folder is located in my Programs which also has not conditions.



MB Scn_ Lmps:Motn:Night:UP' On -- Light ON levels of 40% and 75%; Ramp rates both at 2 minutes; Devices are both LampLincs

MB Scn_ Lmps:Motn:Night:DWN' On -- Light ON levels both 0%; Ramp rates both at 9 minutes; Devices are both LampLincs


The programs is to turn ON the lights when motion is sensed in the bedroom. If motion is sensed again within 5 minutes the lights continue to stay on at 40%. If not they they go to zero at a much slower rate.


The issue is, if the program is in the 'Wait' phase and motion is again sensed, of the program remains true, and continues as planned. However if the program has gotten to the point that it ran the DWN scene and the lights are slowly dimming, the program status in no longer True, and it trues the lights back up to 40% and 75% but does not dim them.


Now that I type everything above, I am thinking that the DWN scene should have the same ON levels as the UP scene and I should turn the scene OFF rather than ON. I figure I will post this anyway to get my first question answered.





PS...Suggestions for a better way to program and/or take out some if the motion sensor lag, is welcome and appreciated. Will motion sensors hardwired to the Elk help out in terms of reducing lag?

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There should only be one Last Run Time column. What OS and what Java level. Sounds like a Java issue or perhaps the cache was not cleared after the last update.


Last Run Time is the time the program was last triggered.


Status is True or False. It represents the If clause evaluation which determines whether the Then (True) or Else (False) clause is executed when the Program is triggered.

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I am running Win7 64bit Home Premium SP1. Java is Version 7 update 9 (build 1.7.0_09-b05). I use IE 9 update 9.


If you take a look at the image below, you can see that all of the run times and finish times are exactly the same. I cleared the Jave cache a time or two today and the last ISY99i IR update was when v3.3.5 was released.


Note: This screenshot is not representative of what I was talking about in question 2.


Any ideas?





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Would need to see the Program that is not running. Two of the Programs have not completed so the Finish time is not accurate as they have not finished.


I do not see two Last Run Time columns. What was done to eliminate the extra columns.


The Program that is finished was last triggered with a False condition. Depends on what is in the Else clause whether the Finish time makes sense.

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Okay, my bad. The initial post is not discussing two Last Run Time columns. The question is why do Start and Finish have the same value.


Two of the Programs have a Status of False which means the last time they were triggered the Else clause ran. Likely there is little to no logic in the Else clause so the both columns show the same time.


Two of the Programs are actually running, Activity column shows 'Running Then' which means the Then clause is still active. Could be in a Wait but the clause itself has not completed so the Finish time has not been updated. When a clause finishes the Finish Time column will be updated.

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