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Duress program?


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I'm trying to find a way to kick off a program based on a duress code entry. I've looked through both the ISY and Elk automation sections and it does not look like this is possible.


Am I missing something or is there just no way to act based on a duress code?




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You use the "last user" option in your Elk rules program.


Since ISY doesn't have the "last user" as part of its integration, you'll need to write a rule that does something that ISY can see. Specifically, this would be to turn an output on. Then ISY can have a program that starts with "If Elk output x turns on".


Elk rules would be something like


Whenever system is disarmed

and last user was (whatever name you gave your duress user)

Then set output x on for 1 second


You'll need to test this since I am not positive entering the duress user's code qualifies as a disarm. Of course, call central station first and let them know you are doing some testing.

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