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KPL not responding when scene includes itself?


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I have two KeypadLincs, "Kitchen KPL" and "Upper Hall KPL". I have them both as controllers for a few scenes. Of those, one scene does not seem to work properly (called "Kitchen Bright", which is supposed to turn on all of my kitchen lights). It is set as button F, a non-toggle ON button, on both KPLs.


Kitchen Bright Scene: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/44258126/Screenshots/i1r8.png


The problem is, when I hit the F button on the Kitchen KPL, the load on A (which is my main kitchen overhead lights) doesn't come on at all, even though A is clearly set at 100%:




When I hit the F button on the Upper Hall KPL, the Kitchen KPL-A load does come on, but in contrast, it doesn't turn on the LED for its own A button, even though this is part of the scene, too (the A button on both of them are controllers for the same scene. Only the kitchen one carries any load, though):




Is there some secret sauce to getting the KPL's working with the ISY in such a way that they respond to scenes that include their A buttons? All the rest of the buttons seem to be working as expected.


I did go as far as to completely remove the kitchen KPL from ISY, do a factory reset, then re-add everything, but this behaviour persists.



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Thanks for posting back. If you have that problem again watch for a Progress Bar when the slider is moved. There have been cased where Java has not told the app the slider has been moved. If a Progress Bar is not displayed, move the slider to some other location and then back (after next Progress Bar completes).

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Well, it got more interesting than I thought. I've not upgraded yet, but about to to see if this resolved things, but what I just noted:


- The issue seems to be that whenever I set a level for Kitchen KPL.A, that level gets set for ALL scenes it's in on the KPL itself (or at least 3 of the 4 scenes it's a part of)_.


Totally weird.

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