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Does the KPL button LED correctly follow the SwitchLinc paddle operation? That is, does the KPL button LED turn On when the On paddle is pressed and the KPL LED turn Off when the Off paddle is pressed. I have a vague recollection of the Timer aspect of the SwitchLinc Timer only turning Off the SwitchLinc load and not its Responders. Can't confirm that since the SwitchLinc Timer no longer has a sales page.


I could well be remembering this wrong. The SwitchLinc Timer paddle On/Off test is expected to turn its linked Responders On/Off. If that does not work there is either a link record issue or an Insteon Mesh Network problem. If the paddle On/Off does control the KPL button LED but the Timer function does not I believe this is normal (from an admittedly old memory).

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If the KPL LED follows the SwitchLinc paddle On/Off press the On condition should take care of itself. It is the Timer function turning the SwitchLinc load Off that is the challenge. Check what the Admin Console shows when the SwitchLinc Timer times out and turns its load off. If it does not turn the KPL LED Off it is likely not telling the ISY about it either as the PLM is just another Responder as the KPL button LED is.

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Ok...after doing some testing and analysing, I fiqured out the problem (mostly me not paying attention). Hopefully this will help somebody else.


Using the paddle and watching the Admin Console, the KPL came on with the light and went off when the TIMER shut the load off. My problem was in my programming. I have a garage door kit connected to my garage door. I have a program that turns the timer relay on when the garage door goes up and turns it off 5 minutes later. THIS is when the KPL did not shut off. Well...in the program, I selected only the LOAD to turn on and not the scene (which contains the KPL). I have now changed it.


Sorry to waste your time Lee...but we at least now know that the timer shuts off the KPL when using the paddle.

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