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communication issues with old keypadlink relays

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Have read many of the suggestions posted here which has given me ideas of things to try. But It also generates a few questions.

I am primarily having comm issues with 2 V1.1 keypadLinc relays recieving satus between them and the other insteon as well as the ISY not being able to update to one of the keypad links at all. My keypadlinc dimmer was replaced last year and is v5.9 and works flawlessly, but is located on a different circuit in a different part of the house.


I have a signalinc phase coupler installed right at the panel (from x-10 days), I have installed many filterlincs and tried unplugging things, can't find the source of signal sink. My ISY is on first floor about 40'-50' of wire between it and panel.


Would purchasing the dual level accesspoints have any benifit over my old signalinc?


Do the insteon V1.1 keypadlincs have any issues (should I try replacing the keypadlink?) or is more likely location, location, location?


Maybe a complete reset of the keypadlink that is not communicating is worth a try?


I have also considered moving the ISY closer to the panel, but I have only 2 choices, 1 is right next to my PC that is on the first floor right above the panel- I worry about the PC causing issues even though it is on a filterlinc. The other location is right near the panel, but that is in my woodshop, so dust might become an issue with ISY.

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Unless the old KPL is defective it is related to the install location. Although older devices require more commands to establish link records so there is a greater chance of failure if the network is marginal. On a good network it should make no difference.


The proof of device working is to connect it to an Appliance cord (plug on one end, bare wires on the other), plugging the device into the PLM plug point. If it does not work there the device has a problem.


The hardwired coupler is passive so signals get to the other phase at whatever level they arrive at the panel. The advantage of Access Points they repeat the message at full signal strength on the other phase.

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Thanks, I think I'll spring for the Access points. I'll also try the appliance cord trick. As an electrician I always have one laying around, but we call those suicide cords because of the potential for bad things to happen in the wrong hands.

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